Martin Clunes on “George & Arthur,” Playing TV Detectives, and “Doc Martin”

I am so happy that his plans are to continue with Doc Martin. While I would love to see him do the detective series , I couldn’t stand not having my Doc Martin!!

"Doc Martin" with Martin Clunes Fan

TV Clunes 094581The Gloucestershire Echo ran an interesting interview with Martin Clunes, in which he discusses the reasons why he does not want to play a TV detective and the possibility of more Conan Doyle dramas.

More importantly for us “Doc Martin” addicts, he had this to say:

“He’s happy with his continuing work on family comedy series Doc Martin, however, in which he plays the titular gruff surgeon.

“Shooting on the seventh series begins in March. ‘We’ll do it as long as they want it,’ he says. ‘Doc and Louisa have to have marriage guidance… we’ve got to get them fixed.'”

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The Dirty Dozen, Clean Fifteen and Organic vs. Traditional Produce.

Organic or Not Organic? That is the question………

Now that my girls are starting to eat baby food, and I am starting to make baby food (look for updates on that soon!), I’ve become even more conscious than I was before about the kinds of food I buy. For right now, the girls are only really eating produce, so that has been my focus.

Buying organic food can become VERY EXPENSIVE, and for those of us on a budget, it can seem a daunting task to choose where to make cuts. So the question becomes: when is it OK to forgo organic in favor of traditionally grown produce? Every year, the Environmental Working Group, the EWG does research and testing and comes up with what they call “the dirty dozen”, or the 12 fruits/vegetables that have tested the highest for levels of pesticides, and the “clean fifteen” which are the ones that test with the lowest levels. So in these cold months when it is harder to buy everything local, and you find yourself in the produce aisle of your grocery store, keep this list in mind. Not only will it help you keep pesticides out of your family’s food, but it will prevent you from needlessly spending money on organic if you don’t need to!

2014’s Dirty Dozen:

You will notice that most of these are fruits or veggies with thin skins or skins that we traditionally eat.

1. Apples (99% of apples tested positive for at least one pesticide!)

2. Strawberries

3. Grapes

4. Celery

5. Peaches

6. Spinach

7. Sweet Bell Peppers

8. Imported Nectarines

9. Cucumbers

10. Cherry Tomatoes

11. Imported Snap Peas

12. Potatoes (these have, on average, more pesticides by weight than any other food)

2014’s Clean Fifteen:

1. Avocados (these are the cleanest of all! Only 1% showed signs of pesticides)

2. Sweet Corn

3. Pineapple

4. Cabbage

5. Frozen Sweet Peas

6. Onions

7. Asparagus

8. Mangoes

9. Papayas

10. Kiwi

11. Eggplant

12. Grapefruit

13. Cantaloupe

14. Cauliflower

15. Sweet Potatoes

The above facts were sourced from the EWG, for more information, visit their website at:

Martin Clunes Talking New Series: “Conan Doyle Investigates”

This would be amazing! It combines Martin Clunes and Sherlock Holmes – two of my favorite things 🙂

"Doc Martin" with Martin Clunes Fan

imagesAccording to RadioTimes, Martin Clunes has expressed an interest in extending his role as Sir Arthur Conan Doyle for a full series, with the Sherlock Holmes’ creator continuing as a detective in his own right.

Philippa Braithwaite said the series could combine real events with fictional elements:

“We have only told a few months of Conan Doyle’s life in Arthur & George so there’s so much more there.”

According to the story, ITV will wait to see the success of the current production before giving the green light to the new series.

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Valentines Day Treat!

Here is a cute, quick tip to make your Valentine’s Day cupcakes more festive naturally! Once you have your cupcakes made, take your favorite frosting and add a couple of teaspoons (depending on the amount of frosting) of raspberry or strawberry jam. Not only does it add that festive pink color to your frosting, but it adds an amazing, subtle fruity taste without adding any of the chemicals in food coloring.

To make it even more amazing, use a pastry bag with a tip on it to pipe jam directly into the cupcakes when they come out of the oven (simply press the piping tip into the cupcake and squeeze a little in, you won’t see the hole once you add frosting! Raspberry jam in a chocolate cupcake…….yum 🙂

Happy Valentines Day!

Go Green Quick Tips!

It has been a crazy couple of days! Between the snow and a busy schedule at work and with my family, I haven’t had a chance to stop and think!

i just wanted to share some of my favorite quick tips for being green. Some of them are pretty obvious, but I always find that it is the most simple and obvious things that we forget!

1. Don’t leave your electronics plugged in overnight to charge. Most of them only take a couple of hours to charge, so leaving them plugged in longer only wrecks their battery and wastes electricity. If you plug things in when you are cooking dinner or watching a movie, they have more than enough time to charge and you can unplug them before bed!

2. Check for drafts along doors and windows, especially with the cold and snow we have been having in the eastern US. So much heat and energy are lost through badly sealed windows and doors, but a simple weather stripping (you can get fairly cheaply at home improvement stores and most are easy to use), or even a well placed rolled up towel can help.

3. Instead of throwing away your coffee grounds (for those of you that still brew coffee at home!), try saving them and mixing them in with your garden soil. Coffee grounds are rich in nitrogen and very good for plants and soil. If you want an organic material to add to your garden, but you don’t like to drink coffee, try stopping by your local Starbucks, they usually pack up grounds and offer them for free! A plus is that Starbucks uses responsibly grown coffee beans!

4. Open up your windows and use natural light! Not only will you save electricity, but you will also get a healthy dose of vitamin D 🙂

5. Try shopping at consignment and second hand shops for clothes every once in a while. The mass production of clothing has a huge carbon footprint, and by buying second hand we are providing a second life for garments that might otherwise have been discarded without purchasing new and perpetuating the cycle of mass production.

6. When it’s nice out, ride a bike or walk to reduce your emissions. Going along with the idea of reducing emissions is buying local – the closer to you it originated, the less it had to travel, therefore the less harmful emissions!

There are so many other things you can do to reduce your carbon footprint. Post any of your best ideas below!

Honest Update

As promised, here is my first update on my Honest Company products…..I am LOVING them….I even placed another order last night!

The first product I really started using was the deodorant. It is a spray instead of a stick which takes some getting used to, but it has a neutral scent that makes it good for both men and women. The best parts – it lasts, and it doesn’t stain my clothes!!! With regular deodorant, the aluminum makes them leave that awful white residue that never comes out of the armpits of my clothes no matter what I do. I am trying to save money and be Eco friendly, and excessive clothes washing, not to mention replacing, does NOT go along with that philosophy. Honest deodorant is free of aluminum, so I haven’t had a single staining issue since I started using it. I haven’t tested it during a seriously sweaty work out yet, but I imagine I would just reapply (like I did with my old deodorant)!

I’m also really loving the dishwasher pods, they don’t leave the terrible cloudy residue on my glasses that my old gel did. They completely dissolved, didn’t leave anything gritty in my dishwasher, and got my dishes super clean.

So far, Honest Company has been very successfully helping me prove that living Eco friendly and chemical conscious is easy and possible!

Check it out!

Honest Company


Some Honest Company products!

I have been doing a lot of research recently into companies with good (Eco friendly, family friendly, organic) practices, and while doing so, stumbled across the Honest Company. It is relatively new, it was started by Jessica Alba and Christopher Gavigan in an effort to create products for families that were free of harmful chemicals so parents didn’t ever have to worry about what they were using on and around their kids – but it isn’t just for families with kids, I promise! They have all sorts of great cleaning and body products that are perfect for anyone who wants to be conscientious of what they are using.

I signed up on their website recently, just to check it out, and quickly realized that I was getting all sorts of coupons and deals, so I finally decided to purchase some products. Honest offers subscription bundles which let you pay a set amount each month (or however often you want them to come) for a bundle of products that are delivered right to your door at a savings over buying the products individually. I am eager to try out their diapers and wipes bundle, but opted for their essentials bundle as I had a 50% (yes 50%!!!!!!!) off coupon. Just to add to my excitement, my order arrived in only 2 DAYS!

For my first essentials bundle, the 5 products I chose (you get to choose 5 for each bundle and can change it every time!) deodorant, dishwasher detergent pods, baby powder, soothing balm, and dryer sheets. Since I only received my package yesterday afternoon, I have only tried the deodorant, but so far so good! As I use the products I will provide reviews and share results.

If you are interested, check them out and just sign up on their site. It is free to sign up and receive their emails, and it won’t be long before they send you a great coupon to try some of the products! I have provided a link below that you can use to link directly to the site.

If anyone has used the products, or signs up to try, please post your thoughts below!